Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Cold Weekend

December 18th, 2010
Karjam and I went to the traditional market, where we ate the most amazing 빈대떡 a sort of bean savory pancake, and I bought a couple presents. It was really cold, but it was fun, too. And I managed to convince Karjam we needed to buy a little electric heater because right now electricity is a lot cheaper than gas and our heat bill with the house still pretty darn cold was already really high for November.

Photos: Hanbok Accessories

Grinding the beans for the Bindaeddeok, frying up nummy goodness.

Other snack/meal food for sale. Karjam had this meat selection (you can see the impatient chopsticks wishing I'd get done taking the photo).

The market is a great place to buy your dried fish, pickled crab, or traditional clothing like 한복 hanbok

December 19th, 2010
My ear, last night and today, has gone back to almost the most painful it’s been during this entire blooming infection. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR EARS. Avoid ear infections. Seriously.

Other than being miserable, Karjam and I went out shopping mostly because I needed a hat with ear flaps to keep my ear really warm (I’m even wearing it inside and intend to keep doing so). We also found some other cool presents.

Cell photos of me today with my new hat (in Loving Hut vegan fast-food chain) and Karjam last week sometime.

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