Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seonsori Santaryeong Performance

December 1st, 2010

I was supposed to meet 연순 Yeonsun today but that plan had to be cancelled, freeing my schedule up to go to a performance by 선소리 산타령 Seonsori Santaryeong. I consider them one of the best traditional groups in Korea in terms of making a really enjoyable performance (they perform again Dec. 9th!). They’ve been certified for protection for 42 years and considering that for some songs there were 40 people on stage today, they seem to be doing great. I just love them. Their singing is raw and real. It feels so legitimately authentic, especially as the audience was loud, boisterous, singing along, clapping, shouting 추임새 words of encouragement and even standing up to dance. It was great. They rotated out smaller and larger groups, the part I like the best came earlier in the program where everyone is beating on 소고 sogo and singing. Wow. I promise I’ll put a video online soon to give you a hint of what it was like (but you’d really have had to be in the room to get the real energy of the performance).

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