Saturday, October 16, 2010

Namsadang in Yeouido Park

October 16th, 2010
After Georgy left for her conference and I took care of various computing and what not Karjam and I headed to 여의도 Yeouido to the big park there for a sort of competition/festival held all weekend by 남사당 Namsadang. The scene was much mellower than I had expected. When we first arrived we found a namsadang troupe playing풍물 pungmul near the entrance of the park, I took a few photos and the group was really excellent, so I had high hopes. However when we walked past a lot of tents (that weren’t being used in many cases) to the area near the stage, the three performances that happened on stage while we were there were average at best, all student groups, one of which was only elementary school students. The stage was directly in line with the sun (which was already getting lower, hence it was very hard for the audience to watch the performances) and the audience was not very thick. Honestly Karjam had more fun watching the inline skaters doing fancy runs around cones than he did watching the performances. We left, walked around 여의도 Yeouido a bit then came home.

After dinner we met Georgy at the movie theatre and watched a Chinese action film (subtitled only in Korean). Georgy and I agreed we could get through about one line of a subtitle (out of two) but there was a lot of specialized vocabulary that we didn’t know.

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