Friday, October 22, 2010

Tongyeong Ogwangdae Performs in Seoul

October 22nd, 2010
I had Korean History class in the morning at Seoul National University, it was less interesting this week because instead of getting to the super interesting reading for the week, we spent over half the class going over what people would present and write their final paper on, which should have happened in some office hours or something, it was so boring to listen to, I had nothing to add, the professor told them some book or articles that they should check out, and asked clarifying questions but it took too long.

Sarah stopped by for juice and toast from the excellent new local bakery in the afternoon.

In the evening I went to a performance of 통영오광대 Tongyeong Ogwangdae at the 무형문화전수회관 Intangible Cultural Properties Training Center, and I took some video footage, it was really good, a lot of students of Tongyeong Ogwangdae showed up, and their great excited energy encouraged the performers and made it more fun for everyone. They performed the entire play, perhaps in a slightly shortened version, but all the acts. Before it started an employee of the 풍류극장 Pungryu Theatre made a really lame intro (I seriously wanted to interject), then the director of their preservation association made a long intro with great details and a lively description of each act. I hope to upload a short video like I did last week for Gangnyeong Talchum later on. Afterwards I chatted for a few minutes with 수미 Sumi and 정현 Jeonghyeon from Bongsan Talchum.

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