Sunday, October 3, 2010

Songpa Sandae Noli in Andong

October 3rd, 2010
Today we woke up and packed our bags, leaving them in the office of the little 여관 yeogwan until time to go to Seoul. We had breakfast at the same restaurant I always like to go to, they gave us extra side dishes and apple for dessert, but I forgot to pay and felt horrid about it after I realized it (both the owner and the cook were there, I think both assumed I’d paid the other and I thought Karjam had paid). I rushed back before we caught the bus, they hadn’t even realized it.

The big event for the day was 송파산대놀이 Songpa Sandae Noli, but before the performance I also did a little tiny bit of gift shopping for my family. I wanted to support some of the many hand craft booths at the festival. The Songpa performance began at exactly the same time as the 안동자전놀이 Andong Jajeon Noli performance. It was my top pick to see –other than mask dances—at the festival, but I could not prioritize it over Songpa. Instead Karjam went and I watched the video playback on his camera on the bus back to Seoul. If you ever go to the festival, unless you’re like me and totally crazy about mask dances (and part of the group performing and conducting your last few surveys), then you should watch the Jajeon Noli performance, there are probably over 400 participants, it’s amazing staged battle/play. I just can’t describe it better, but hopefully we can upload something to Youtube later. I waited backstage for the Songpa players, set up my camera gear and distributed surveys then went backstage again. Everyone was in high spirits. They performed the 1st 마당 Act, the dance of the Sangjwa (two monks), the 4th Act, Buk Noli and the 11th Act, Saennim, Miyal and Podobujang Noli. However the second two were fairly abridged and then unlike every other group they invited everyone onto the stage and taught the motions. I like that, a lot, but think a little more of the dance and then the teaching would have been a better balance. Or teaching outside.

I was waylaid for another interview and we stopped at a fortune teller but we still got on the bus on time. We got back to Seoul and I organized photos and helped Karjam to overcome the disadvantage of missing Korean class on Friday.

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