Friday, October 1, 2010

Yangju Byeolsandae in Andong

October 1st, 2010
In the morning Karjam and I checked out most of the booths we hadn’t seen yet, I was interviewed again, we watched Desang, Koong and Iwan perform, then 양주별산대 Yangju Byeolsandae. I distributed my surveys and got back 19 after their performance. Yangju Byeolsandae performed different scenes, the performance was good, but after the excellent explanations during the 동래야류 Dongnae Yayu performance the absence of any kind of explanation during the Yangju performance was even more obvious. They had distributed some pamphlets at the back, but I think not many, and since they didn’t explain which scene they were going to perform, the scene by scene explanations still would require some effort to read through in order for people to be cued in even the three or four sentence worth that the pamphlet provided for each scene. Karjam watched the Mexican performance team while I went to greet and congratulate the Yangju folks, who were quite pleased I’d shown up.

Photos: Iwan is from Java Indonesia, Desang is from Bhutan, and Koong is from Thailand

Photos of Yangju Byeolsandae:

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