Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Under the Weather

October 5th, 2010
I got more and more sick over the course of the day, climbing back under the covers for about three hours in the afternoon. Nevertheless I went to the 임실필봉농악 서울전수관 Imshil Pilbong Nongak Seoul Training Center and tried to participate in 상모 sangmo class. It costs me 70,000 won per month (2 hours per week of lesson), and I rarely find time to practice outside of class. I practiced a tiny bit, felt horrid, right before class was to begin 이종휘 Yi Jonghui (the instructor and 이수자 Isuja) had 원 중 Won Jung perform his 설장구 Seol Janggu (drumming) and then his mask dance (취발이 Chuibali) solo. I was very surprised at how good Won Jung’s mask dancing actually was. When he practices the 먹중 meokjung or 상좌 sangjwa parts with us I am also practicing, and I never noticed that he had any particular talent. Maybe because he wasn’t concentrating, or because he was exhausted, or because those parts are not what he will be tested on, but his Chuibali was extremely good. A bit extra energetic and not-so-drunk perhaps, but with great emphasis on the motions which were very clear and perfectly executed, and his daesa (dialogue) presentation was excellent. I now feel very hopeful that he will get into the university. Around 8:40 I gave up on sangmo practice because I’d already taken several unauthorized breaks and was totally making an ass out of myself with a lack of coordination caused by a splitting headache (combined with spinning my head, not good).

I came home and the sweetest thing was that Karjam came down the hill and met the bus and had me lean on him to walk me home. He even carried my bags.

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