Saturday, September 18, 2010

Second Housewarming Party

September 17th, 2010
I went to the Korean language grad seminar on life in the 조선 Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) in the morning, met Karjam, had lunch, went to E-mart, came home and that’s about it (except for computer work and such).

September 18th, 2010

Went to the 아현시장 Ahyeon traditional outdoor style market for some ingredients, 김치 kimchi and other good stuffs, came home and prepped some food. Then I went to meet my 합기도 관장님 Hapkido instructor from 대구Daegu, 김유림 Kim Yurim, who was up in Seoul for the day and had a really great talk. We met at Hanyang University, decorated with protest signs but, as you can still see, built on a Western university model.

After that I rushed home and finished cooking shortly after three of my guests and before the final guest arrived for my second sort of house-warming. These were all friends I’d met at 임실필봉농악전수관 Imshil Pilbong Nongak Training Center last summer. It’s hard to mix Koreans of age, educational and class backgrounds, so I didn’t bother, plus our house is too small. Our guests were 최유미 Choi Yumi, 윤원로 Yun Wonno, 권은정 (도령) Gweon Eunjeong, and 양은석 Yang Eunseok. They all know each other, but the first three are members of 개전연 and Eunseok is not.

I wish I’d taken a photo of the amazing feast I made them (I may get some off FB from Wonno later). I made several 반찬 banchan (side dishes) from scratch, soup, kimchi and tuna to go with rice. It all came out well and was a big hit, But enough was left (and enough exclamations of being stuffed were voiced) that I don’t worry I underfed my guests. I did much better than for the previous party, partially because I prepped earlier and partially because I didn’t try to make a dish I wasn’t highly familiar with. After we ate we had fun with music- Karjam sang as did everyone else, and Yang Eunseok (who is an excellent singer and works for an arts organization now that he’s done with college) did a solo and taught us all a singing game, too. Everyone, including Karjam, had a great time despite the general lack of English or Chinese or Tibetan amongst our guests (only Wonno speaks English and he’s shy, also it seemed Yumi had studied a little Chinese, but long enough ago to forget a lot).
Photo on Wonno's cell phone of Wonno, Karjam and yours truly.

I saw this outfit on the subway on a Japanese girl. She was practically on top of me, so this is the best I could get, I wanted to include the fact that the outfit was shorts that cut off barely past her butt cheeks and was worn over black tights, and the outlandish make-up, but this was the best photo I could take. It's like Madonna in 1985, but without the skin.

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