Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exhausted Sangmo

September 28th, 2010
I worked on my survey and various other research details until I decided to leave early for 상모 sangmo class since I never get to practice. We arrived and I was spinning by 6:15, after which Karjam went for a walk until almost the start of class. I started working on a new move, 양사위 (spelling?) yangsaui, where I do 1.5 circles to the right then left, then right, then left, I’m much more awkward clockwise than counter clockwise and too stiff, but the move is coming along. I also managed 104 circles of the regular motion! Both instructors were there, and Karjam shot a lot of footage of the twelve students (including me) who were present today receiving instruction. Today 비호 Biho, another of our 8th week in Pilbong students showed up, so happy to see him, he’s really sweet. I am completely beat. Yang’s class yesterday had me hurting today and practice from 6:15-10 didn’t help my joints any. We stopped to have patbingsu (ice and red bean and fruit) on the way home. Yay (yes, you can make it without the condensed milk and it still tastes great).

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