Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rap Releases

K-Pop Releases

MC Sniper released a new track, 하쿠나 마타타 Hakuna Matata, which is visually satisfying and would seem like a good Korean style Hip-Hop/Rap song except for the problem that I saw it for the first time the same night I saw the video of the first release by San E, a brand new JYP rapper. The San E piece is brilliant. It slams at the music industry mentioning the excessive emphasis on the physical appearance of the “idols” (plastic surgery for women, six-packs for men), the identical auto-tuned sound and what not. I listened to it five times in a row, recordings of live performances and the official MV, and I was just blown away by the talent, humor and needed social commentary. Normally I wouldn’t recommend the copy of the video, 맞좋은산 Delicious San, with English subtitles, but it’s worth it to know what he’s saying—not that the subtitles were done perfectly, but it’s pretty hard to subtitle rap and maintain the flavor.

There have been other new releases, like Voice of Soul (VOS)’s latest. But you know, it’s too boring to mention and not interesting enough to critique. Likewise I have no much to say about the release by Sunday Brunch, except to shake my head in wonderment that anyone would come up with such a name.

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