Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rainy Holiday

September 21st, 2010

It rained all day. It came down in buckets and I literally mean that, as it rained over 11 inches between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Subway and road closures resulted. [link to photos of Seoul from someone's blog] I went out once to the store and took a couple photos of the deluge on Karjam’s camera. I didn’t want to risk mine. In the evening we rushed out to see the movie 아저씨 Ajeossi (I gather the English title is "The Man from Nowhere"), a 원 빈 Won Bin film (think Tom Cruise at his hottest, add inches to his height and up the wow factor 20% and you’ve got Won Bin). [link to the English subtitled trailer * link to the music video by Mad Soul Child * Wonbin in an ad clip (topless)] The movie was great, but I couldn’t really translate for Karjam because it was often in very rough colloquial Korean, the sort used by movie-gangsters where half the words are swear words and almost all the sentences contain threats. I think I kept him abreast of the major points, but I have to really listen closely to keep up myself during such movies. Also Korean to Chinese is hard for me, English to Chinese is much easier. That’s because I think the two languages are stored in the same place in my little head. The movie is on track to be the top in the box office in Korea for the year. After the movie I had to scramble around looking for my vest (which I am reasonably sure I set on the ticket counter and then forgot in our rush) finally it was located in the back office, all wrapped up. I love Korean honesty, I never even worried it had been stolen.

In these photos you should be able to see the water was deep enough flowing down the road (just a regular place in the road) that it was flowing through my sandal.

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