Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last Day of Rehearsals for Week 1

January 21st, 2011
In the morning people had a harder time than even before getting up, but some had to be in class even earlier than usual because of teacher availability. So they ended up eating breakfast after their rehearsal. I went over with the main group after breakfast and took video of the entire morning rehearsal which was when the teachers taught the blocking for the stage and how to interact with each other properly. Next week the KNUA students will need a different type of direction than they got today, so next week I'll probably only record them instead of both teams. At the end of the morning class the 승무 monk's dance group had to run through once, and I acquitted myself well. The best thing was that I had entire chunk (like a 30+ page chunk) of my dissertation arrive in my head totally planned out and everything. So excited! I love breakthroughs. Of course I still have work to do, including interviews and observation, and then there is the writing process, but I'm still really happy. Because I want my dissertation to not just be well researched, I also want it to be interesting to read, with engaging stand-alone sections.

Hwang Jong'uk:

After lunch there was more run through, except it was more about getting Act 1 off the stage, then Act 2 on properly and things like that, so the two complete performances wouldn't run on for hours. After rehearsal ended I skipped the late afternoon class (on drumming for the mask dance) and walked to town, where I bought everything to make pancakes for the students and a lot of fresh ginger, which I brewed into ginger tea for the people on the edge of getting sick. Actually 희수 Heesu seems to be full on sick, not on the edge. And I ordered창열 Changyeol to drop by for tea, too.

Daecheon (instructor for Malddugi):

Yi Jaehun (instructor for Act 5, especially the Old Wife)

Changyeol (instructor for Mundung Bukchum and Deotbuigi):

In the evening I talked to Karjam on Skype (he's doing very well) and watched the groups rehearsing (obviously quite nervous in some cases). Changyeol and I talked about next week, apparently 황종욱 Hwang Jong'uk, 안대천 An Daecheon and Changyeol will choose who should be which part for April and they will focus on that part for the next week.

After awhile I retired to the tent outside the main building where the lower level assistant instructors hang out (uhhh, guys, it's below freezing). The tent is huge, so we all sit around a grill on chairs with some heaters in the tent, too (but doors open on both sides), and they drink (but not 막걸리 makgeolli which they claim leaves too much of a hangover) and grill meat non-stop, just more and more meat. However there were also two squid and a bunch of oysters to eat last night, as well. The tent also has a zipped off bedroom area (large enough for sleeping four at least). As usual after hanging out in the tent, I smelled like smoke afterwards.

I intended to go to sleep early, but all the KNUA kids not drinking with the students from the other schools were playing cards and laughing and talking in the women's bedroom. Finally I fell asleep listening to them talk. I didn't mind that they were being noisy, they're such a sweet bunch of kids. Seriously, awesome.

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