Friday, January 14, 2011

Playing Janggu while Standing

January 13th, 2010
Woke up, breakfast, morning class (videotaped again), had a talk with the 수희 Suhee during break, she's a 전수자 jeonsuja, she started ten years ago. I also haven't mentioned yet that both 원로 Wonno and 은정 Eunjeong keep very detailed notes of how to perform things with the teacher's special directions, so they write down the order of rhythmic patterns through the piece, and special notes about where to accent or what feeling is needed. It's pretty cool.

Lunch. Interviewed 국진 Geukjin and 승민 Seungmin. After lunch Suhee had us practice some more then after break she had us put on our 장구 janggu (strap them on with two white strips of cloth). 영록 Yeongnok immediately appeared at my side with white cloth and helped me strap on my janggu. 개전연 Gaejeonyeon—my 풍물 pungmul family!! First she had us stand in place and play, then we moved around. To many people that is ordinary, but to some people it's fairly new, though none so new as me. It was so much fun. I have to tell you, I felt great. And I don't know if it was my imagination or not, but I played even better than ever, I think because movement allows me to feel rhythm. I know I did well, because the teacher tried to make me take a solo. I refused, because I knew the minute I wasn't next to another janggu player to feel his rhythm I'd probably screw up. It was really fun, though.
Class as of Thursday


At five we had a special class, 소고 sogo. The sogo teacher is the same one I had for a special sogo class last summer, I think she's incredibly patronizing. I kind of wanted to smack her, to tell the truth. She mostly left me alone, and I mostly ignored all but the most basic directions she had for us. In other words, I beat the sogo in the required manner, but I danced with it (even when we weren't moving) as I felt. I love the sogo.

Dinner, internet, afterwards I interviewed 은정 Eunjeong. Which was a very successful interview, she's just so comfortable with me and a very evocative story teller, too. We had our individual practice, but I was pretty exhausted, probably from one hour of sogo dancing. At the end it became a group jam, again. Awesome! Then there was a group meeting with 새미 Saemi and Suhee, too. We discussed how things were running at the training center, no one criticized anything. Then we figured out how to do the Friday performance. That was interesting, because usually in the summer I've experienced everyone together at the Friday performance, then just a selected group for Saturday. The more or less unspoken rule was that if you performed on Friday you wouldn't be on Saturday, although I'm not sure everyone understood that. At any rate, due to the small numbers there is unavoidable overlap. At that moment we had 23 people, because although some people have had to leave (like 선홍 Seonhong), other people have shown up (like 유미 Yumi, one of my original Gaejeonyeon friends.) After the meeting was wash-up time. About three people at a time can bathe, and the men of course aren't mixing in with the women. This means that sharing the one bathing room it takes about 8 rounds to finish the bathing, and some rounds go on way too long. This meant the 뒤풀이 duipuli was going to start so late, I'd lost all my energy and I just went to sleep (even so it was nearly midnight, and I can't sleep well until everyone's stopped moving around).

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