Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lunch with Kim Yeongsuk and Bongsan Talchum

January 1st 2011
Nothing exciting to report research wise

January 2nd 2011
Another sort of day off research, aside from writing. I wrote yesterday, too.

January 3rd, 2011
I had lunch with 김영숙 Kim Yeongsuk, the office manager (and an 이수자 isuja) for 송파산대놀이 Songpa Sandae Noli. We really get along very well, and we had a long and pleasant talk over a really delicious lunch. The conversations were research related at times and personal at times, the research related stuff is better to leave out of the public account.

In the evening I had 봉산탈춤 Bongsan Talchum, but it was so frustrating, I packed a bag with my clothes, 미투리 slippers and 한삼 hansam sleeve extensions and then walked out of the house without it. I forgot the slippers last week, too. The problem is that we practice on a wood floor, without heating under it. The wood is so cold at this frozen time of the year that the cold travels up my legs until my knees are locked up with cold. Happily, however, 원중 Wonjung had an extra pair of sweatpants to lend me and 김은주 Kim Eunju let me use her hansam. We got a new student, who came escorted by her mom. Before long, mom decided to participate, too. Mom was noticeably better than the daughter, who is in middle school. In fact we had 16 people at rehearsal! Amazing! Everyone's getting jazzed for the performance, so they rehearsed really hard, first 사상좌 sasangjwa novice monk dance before Kim Eunju even got there, then we did all the monks and we did 사자춤 lion dance on our own as well. Since 영신 Yeongshin and 병호 Byeongho, both people who perform the lion dance with the troupe were there, it was a really good rehearsal. At the very end of class, Kim Eunju continued what she started last Thursday, teaching the motions of 소무 Somu. And we named our performance group: 탈 그리고 춤.

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