Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Comments Welcome!

Dearest Readers-- please feel free to comment! Your comments esp. related to research activities (even just asking why this or for more explanation of that)can help me to understand what I need to write in my dissertation or give me new ideas for my research. I really would love some feedback!

Cell phone photo of me before performing Songpa Dari Balpgi:


Joseph said...

Here are some thoughts:

Trace the ennobling of bone, wood and sinew into musical instruments. The ennobling of the physical body through grace, rhythm, and movement. And this process through the Korean experience.

What is it about the Korean national character and experience which results in a continuum of excellence?

How might this account for the apparent realization of the ancient ideal of Hongik Ingan, to benefit all mankind, as represented by the hallyu phenomenon?

"Drawing tight the cords coursing through history can dignify the past, inform the present, and insure the future." Me 1986, but you can borrow it.

CedarBough said...

Joe, very interesting ideas! I love the quote.

Eleonora said...

That picture of yours is reaally funny =)

Hi! I really like your blog. I also write about Korea here:


I would appreciate if you follow/leave comments regarding the posts or the blog itself.

Thank you ~

... and I'm gone reading other posts of yours. They are so fascinating!

CedarBough said...

Thanks Eleanora! When I get back to Seoul and can do more than sneak onto the internet for a few minutes to update my blog from a word file and check my email, I'll def. check yours out!

Eleonora said...

sounds great! where are you traveling?

CedarBough said...

not traveling, it's just more research. you could read about it in the latest entry