Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to Goseong

January 23rd, 2010
I woke up at Georgy and 진홍Jinhong's house and made Georgy pancakes (Jinhong had already left to help his parents in the run up to the big 설날 Seollal holiday, since their shop makes traditional foods that are widely consumed at the holiday). Before leaving I had lunch, too, which was really only a couple hours after breakfast.

My timing was good for the bus back to 고성 Goseong (a two hour trip, as the bus stops at other towns on the way) and I arrived before the group took off to see the ocean. I rode in the van with 창열 Changyeol. He's still a little under the weather. It's exhausting to run these camps (or participate) since it means being on the clock from 8 or so in the morning until 2 or after in the morning day after day. During the day off, they weren't exactly idle. 성범 Seongbeom had to drive to 부산 Busan to get more supplies needed by the training center, for example. It was getting dark, but we drove along the long inlet until we finally got near the edge of the sea. We stopped one time to play on the rocks next to the ocean, and in a little town we bought snacks and instant noodles which were consumed on a quay as a bitter wind whipped up. They'd also bought a few bottles of soju which they quickly consumed.

At 8, just a little after we returned, we met up with all the other students for the week and everyone introduced themselves. Almost all the new students are women, there were only two men. About twenty of the new students are a single theatre group who has all come here together. That's interesting.

I spent a bit of time on the computer and then hung out with the lower level instructors who were in the tent, but not grilling meat. 영호 Yeongho, who I have also met before and is another of these guys that's one year above Changyeol, has returned to Goseong for the week (with his wife and 20 month old daughter). 대천 Daecheon's wife and daughter also appeared, I can only presume the three plus two infants drove down together. Yeongho said something about driving the entire time.

At our "home" the floor of the women's room refused to heat up, and finally it was decided that everyone would sleep in the same room, the men's room, so we all had a lot less elbow/knee room for the night. I lucked out, even though I wasn't the first one going to sleep, and managed to get one of the four corners. The floor in that room was so hot, it was almost hard to sleep. If I'd ever woken up fully during the night I would have moved my blankets under me to insulate me.

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