Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grace / 영

August 8th, 2010
It’s really sweet of Sarah and 세진 (Sejin) to let me stay with them. They live far outside Seoul in 의정부 (Uijeongbu). The subway ride to almost anywhere I’ve ever needed to go is at least an hour. By moving farther out they got a larger house and cleaner air for their adorable daughter, Grace (조 영). This morning I woke up for the final time (still fighting the time difference, so I was checking the clock from much earlier) at 6. When Grace woke up at 7:10, her sleepy father sat in the living room which Grace inquisitively joined me under the desk, the location necessitated by my desire to plug the ethernet line into my computer and access the internet. Finally achieving Skype success I talked to Karjam for nearly forty minutes, he was happy we’d found an apartment. I took photos of Grace enjoying a tub of water on the balcony on another impossibly hot and humid day, then left to meet Tim, who unfortunately is heading to the US next week to do another MA, this time in Anthropology.

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