Monday, August 23, 2010

Back in Seoul

August 23rd, 2010

Spent much of the morning making notes of upcoming events, performances, etc. Had coffee with Elise. Enrolled Karjam in Ewha Womans [sic] University Korean language program (starts Sept. 10th). Shopped in Namdaemun for more essentials: another saucepan, two forks, two butter knives, one folding low wooden Korean table (for meals), one blanket, and one entire bedding set (Korean style futon, comforter, pillows with traditional coverings in a deep red, gold silk combination with white cotton around some parts of the mattress. I am SO excited about that. And an orange polka dot umbrella.

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  1. Oh, lucky you went back to Namdaemun! I can envision the bedding set you chose. I would like to go shopping today but I fell down and my whole body hurts. :(

    I took Korean at Edae and enjoyed it. My teachers were great.