Saturday, August 14, 2010

K-Pop Reviews of Insufficient Depth

There have been several new releases.

My least favorite girl group, Rainbow, has released “A,” a song that fortunately is less annoying than their debut number, but will only garner them attention for the way the attractiveness of the women in the group is manipulated for the male viewers.

Old stand-by Jo Sungmo 조성모 has a new song, the first in a long time, “I Want to Cheat” (on his girlfriend). It’s actually a fairly strong song, but he’s trying too hard, it reminds me of JYP’s release last fall—actually, at least JYP can dance like nobody’s business. This Jo Sungmo track stands out the most for the really awful haircut he’s sporting.

JQT released the song “No Need to Know” which is a fairly good song, I guess cause I like Koyote and the songwriter is the same as for some Koyote hits. The visuals, though, seem like an odd mix between the set of f(x) NU ABO and some posturing and styling of 2NE1. Which is just an odd combo.

Nine Muses released “I Don’t Want No Playboy” which is a group that people want to watch because the entire 9 members are being billed as former super models (ahem, Korea, you’ve never quite understood what supermodels actually means, and it’s not pretty girls who’ve been in a few layouts and on a few catwalks and featured in some advertisement). Actually I find the video sort of artsy, despite the presence of garter belts in 9 tenths of the full length shots of the ladies. And I think I’ll actually listen to this one again, at least a few more times.

My second least favorite girl group, Secret, has released “Madonna,” which is either a tribute or a parody, your guess is as good as mine. I went back and re-listened to Madonna’s song “Secret” and I think it was stupid of Secret’s manager and agency to allow them to bring up comparisons with Madonna, because it just makes Secret look bad.

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