Thursday, August 26, 2010

New K-Pop Releases

I’m going to start with something pretty good, the new FT Island song, 사랑, 사랑, 사랑 Sarang, Sarang, Sarang. It’s got an interesting video, as usual with K-Pop, very high production value, but it’s also artsy, does not rely on excessive displays of sexual moves or female anatomy and has a strange mix of 50s and 60s nostalgia imagery. The song itself could be better, but if it gets repeated airtime it will be the only song with only one English word (Good-bye) that’s out there getting noticed.

The FT Island song is sort of the antithesis to another new release, Sistar’s second single, 가식걸 Gashik Girl. Sistar is classic Korean bubblegum pop, completely irritating and absolutely interchangeable with other groups, such as their predecessor, Chocolate, who has released their first single in quite some time, 어떡해 or as it’s awkwardly named in English, What to do. This video is redeemable only because the male model who appears in the video is hot enough to be worth watching at least once. Below the male model first, then a photo of the girls in Sistar.

Wheesung has had another release 결혼까지 생각했어 (oddly the English title bears no relation and is "Real Slow is Back". He’s an older and more established K-pop star, but in most cases I don’t like his music (okay, it’s true he has a better singing voice but I tend to prefer ‘dance’ within the K-pop genres. He is definitely another recent K-pop male bad-hairdo victim, but overall this is not a bad song.

Finally, I just want to mention this video, even though it came out a couple weeks ago. I was going to mention it before, but didn’t get time to find some other recent releases to talk about at the same time. The video is the much raved about Taeyang’s new song “I’ll Be There.” Taeyang has recently been promoted by Perez Hilton and such, and is getting a lot of international airplay, even hitting number one dance (I think that was the genre) download on itunes. And the guy is just totally yummy. So watch. For the eye-candy. Even though the video itself seems to make no sense at all.

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