Monday, January 21, 2013

Tourist Cards

Two women had a gallery on Lopez so they could sell the things they made, and since their shop wasn't full with only their stuff they also had other local artists selling for a monthly fee (including my mom). Then one of them decided to pull out and move to Norcal. The remaining woman transitioned her gallery into a cooperative gallery, and asked me to supply tourist images of Lopez (the lady who left was a "photographer"). I'm not a landscape photographer or very interested in tourist images, and I didn't have a ton of images to choose from since I haven't been here that much in recent years. But I did print a bunch up, mostly batches of 100. Then two months later she decided to close down. Now I have a bunch of cards and postcards lying around. Fortunately Ron at Paper, Scissors on the Rock bought 12 each of about 3/4s of my images. If he sells them well, maybe I can get him to buy the remaining 50+ of each image. In the meantime if I send you a card and it looks like one of these below, don't be surprised.

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