Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mother and Daughter Time

One of the most precious things about spending all this time at home is getting to reconnect with my family. Actually my mom and I have been pretty close for a darn long time-- she always makes such an effort, including visiting Korea (twice), visiting L.A. and meeting my friends there, even helping grammar proof my dissertation.

Today she had to go to the cemetery to take a photo for some genealogy buffs (my mom is one of those, too) who wanted to see the gravestone of their ancestors on Lopez. She asked if I'd like to go and then go hiking at Shark Reef.

If you come to visit Lopez Island here are your beautiful must-see places:

-. Iceberg Point
-. Watmough Bay, the marsh and next door Merk's Mountain (sometimes called Chadwick Hill)
-. Point Colville
-. Shark Reef

There are lots of other beautiful places, but none that are as magical and beautiful as these four. Fortunately for you, all are public lands that you're welcome to visit (as long as you're respectful of the plants, the mosses and lichens, the wildlife, the trees, etc. and take all your trash away with you). Sharf Reef is the most northerly, but it's still on the south end of the island, as are the other three. Really the southend is the best. Even people who live on the northend can only say things like "at least the village is close" or "I don't have to drive as far to the ferry" but they can't actually say they live on the best part of the island. It's just a fact.

There is even an outhouse, a parking lot, and a bike rack at Shark Reef.

This is the headstone of "Uncle" Phil, who was my next door neighbor  from when I was born until his death in 2007. The pipe is so that we can go talk to him and tell him all the gossip. I told him about gay marriage passing, and about some marriages and births and what not. I always talk to him when I go to the cemetery. 

I know, we're super cute, right?!!

Shark Reef~~

Lots of awesome lichen on the trees

Walking at Shark Reef

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