Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three Months!

So, Karjam left to visit his family.

In years past, although I've been nervous about various political things that could or could not happen I've been much happier to have him gone.

1) He adores his family, and really truly misses his parents and all the rest.

2) Although Karjam is slowly gaining friendships here on Lopez that he feels he can rely on, due to enduring linguistic issues (not to mention cultural differences) he is still unable to just sit and chat freely and at length with anyone other than me.

3) When I was working on my dissertation (and even when I was in classes) having him at my elbow really hindered my concentration, and I knew he was happy in China, so I didn't feel so bad for ignoring him as I wrote and revised.

But now I'm not that busy and having him gone for a whole three months seems incredibly long and my house feels empty. It's true that we'll avoid arguing about the three conferences I'm planning to go to (two to present, one just to network and listen to presentations), but I won't have anyone to snuggle with in bed. It's true that I don't have to cook meat for him, but I also will probably forget to make myself meals on time. It's true that he won't be miserably working outside in the cold, but I'll miss rituals like trying to make his after work cup of hot English Breakfast tea (don't forget the organic half and half) so that he arrives after it has brewed but before it's even a little cool.

We did, however, have a very sweet make-out session at Sea-tac Airport.
Dad took this photo of us at Thanksgiving

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