Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Interviews and Bongsan Talchum

June 7th, 2011
I essentially spent the whole day writing. It was so productive, I was completely amazed.

June 8th, 2011
I spent a lot of the day writing, I had intended to go to a concert in the evening but instead I stayed home and worked.

June 9th, 2011
I interviewed the 인간문화재  National Human Treasure for 북청사자놀음 Bukcheong Saja Noleum today. It was not the best interview, as she kept wanting to give me very "what you want to hear" answers instead of the real deal and not really stopping and getting off auto-pilot enough to hear that my questions weren't what she was used to (all the time). Ah, sometimes it's like that.

After that interview I talked to 장용일 for a bit and then went upstairs, 현석 had already arrived and we went to dinner- I interviewed him during dinner. He's a very directed kid, and fairly outspoken—I like him. The interview was good, since we've already talked a million times since I first met him in September.

봉산탈춤 Bongsan Talchum class today was quite good—we had 하연, 세준, 병호, 병우, 정현, 수미, 하연's friend, 주원 (almost two hours late), 현석 and me. So I took a group photo, because when I am writing the section of the dissertation on the class the only other people I'm mentioning from the class are in three cases no longer around. And in one case only attending on Monday. So this was the most I was ever going to get on the same day, I think. The two high schoolers will use pseudonyms in my dissertation. The others will use their real names. We only practiced the 8목중 the eight dark-faced monks, but we also did the solos at the end.  

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