Wednesday, June 8, 2011

K-Pop in Early June including Late May Releases

Boyfriend has released their debut single. It's titled "Boyfriend"  and unless you understand Korean it can be a bit confusing if we're talking about some boys (not men) asking you to think of them as your boyfriend, or if they're actually looking for boyfriends of their own. This confusion on the part of Western viewers is clear in the comments which repeatedly mention their femininity and call them gay—the stereotyping that makes anyone with good skin (touched up in some cases for sure) wearing pink and singing "eh, eh, eh" in a cute bubbly voice gay—when will Westerners grow up?! At any rate, the song is bubbly and cute and poppy with a decent beat but there's nothing really unique here.

The group Sunny Hill has released "Midnight Circus" one of the most interesting K-pop songs of the year by far. I'm really impressed. The video is strange, with a long intro, the circus theme, and a catchy song. It's not something I'll listen to over and over, but it's certainly better than most recent releases!

On the other hand FT Island's latest release, "Hello Hello" is pretty darn good, too! The music is fun, the video is a bit random with it's theme of an apartment fire, but I'm a sucker for groups where the members actually know something about music and can actually play the instruments they're holding. 

B2ST (Beast) who've actually came out with some pretty good releases in the past have a new song, "Fiction." It's okay, but not good, nothing near as powerful or catchy as previous releases, although I must admit the vocals sound measurably improved. Maybe it's just that the song isn't really my style.

Brave Girls has released their second song, "So Sexy."  I think these girls are not going to make it. Among other things there are just too many annoying busy tracks in the song, the over-production of it is driving my ears crazy. In addition it seems too much like they're just trying to follow the 2NE1 model of success, but with weird lyrics – at one point in the chorus sounds like they're repeatedly saying "hands up 5 Brave Girls spread your ankle." And I don't actually think they're sexy. 

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