Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kim Yongcheol's Dance Performance

April 29th, 2011
On Friday I went to meet Prof. Hilary Finchum-Sung for lunch and good solid academic discussion. She had tons of awesome advice to help me with nuts and bolts of this dissertation project. Actually some of it was being reminded of things I know but others were rather scary. They made me feel as though I have much more still to do than I thought I did and a bit of panic is setting in, particularly since what with mom here (and our packed schedule) and various other confluences of events (like the high concentration of performances in the spring) I have gotten very little writing done lately.

In the evening Karjam and I went to see 김용천 Kim Yongcheol (from my Bongsan Talchum class)'s dance performance. It was actually a concert with a total of 5 pieces—one Japanese, one Chinese and three Korean. The first Korean piece, the Japanese butoh piece and Yongcheol's piece were good, the other two were pretty lame. Yongcheol's piece has three primary dancers, 병호 and 정현 plus a guy I only met once. They were all in dresses, but 정현's character was still a male character. In addition there were about 9 other dancers, including Yongcheol, 산산, 윤희, and허세준. It was pretty amusing and I took a few photos though we were seated so far back in the hall I wished I'd had something other than my 50mm fixed lens. I'm spoiled by small halls like KOUS and Pungryu Geukjang. The dancers used 한삼 hansam (sleeve extensions) and some Bongsan Talchum motions, but it was far enough away from Bongsan Talchum that I think most people wouldn't have felt it was at all derivative. 

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