Friday, May 13, 2011

K-Pop Releases from Mid-May

2NE1, my favorite "idol" group has a new song out, "Lonely."  Honestly, I'm disappointed. The song is well sung, the video is not bad (a bit boring), so why am I disappointed? Because it's a freaking ballad! I like 2NE1 because they're ballsy and brash and loud and sing music with an awesome dance beat. This is a –good- ballad but it's still a ballad. Please let the next release be an awesome dance track!

5 Dolls have released a new song, "Like This or Like That 이러쿵 저러쿵." Thankfully this is dance track. A bit cutesy and I wish any of them evidenced some singing chops, like real lungs, you know what I mean, but it's fun. I like the shorts and leggings combination especially because the one girl has nice bright orange leggings. I'm a little disturbed by a few of the motions with the tiny high school uniforms on, as I just don't like that sexualization of youth images and think those sort of motions just shouldn't be associated with high school. But really, it's a cute song.


Jay Park (former 2PM front man) released "Tonight" this week. The video is a bit poppy but the dance in it is really excellent, so I forgive Jay for the total sunny smile of the entire package. I mean this video is about being sweet and young and innocent in clothes that cover your whole body with no sexual moves at all—it's so "wholesome" it could be a Christian pop song.


Sistar 19 (half of Sistar) released a pop song, "Ma Boy"  it's a bit syrupy for me with lyrics that are pretty darn dumb—it's clear people only watch Sistar for their look. They're not even particularly good dancers.


Miss A is back with a new song "Love Alone."   I like the group but the song is a bit boring and the video just shows them preparing to and going on stage (not in linear order) and the 

angle on the stage isn't even that good.

 Heo Yeongsaeng has a good song out with Hyun-A of 4 Minute featured. The song, "Let it Gois pretty danceable, but Yeongsaeng could look better than he does and the music is a little predictable, it could be a cleaner audio track with some of the extra tracks deleted.


But the best new MV out there? Untouchable featuring Oh Jinseok, "You You"  is a totally fun track from the moment it starts. The wide angle videography is awesome, too. And they're so funny looking, esp. the guy with the 'stache.

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