Friday, April 8, 2011

K-Pop Releases in Early April 2011

New group Brave Girls has released the video for 아나요? (Do you know?).  I was expecting that they'd be a group with a strong rap song and perhaps a good dance beat but I was pretty disappointed. They seem to sing well enough if you like ballads, but the video isn't especially visually appealing unless you want to look at them flaunting themselves. At the end of the video there is a teaser of what they'd sound like if they were a rapping dance group, and I'm somewhat intrigued to see what their next release will be.

제 블로그를 방문해 주셔서 고맙습니다. 저는 이 블로그에 일주일에 4번 정도 한국 전통 공연 문화에 대해 쓰고 있습니다. 처음에는  K-pop에 관심이 있으셔서  방문하셨겠지만 나가시기 전에 한국 전통 문화에 관한 것도 한번 봐 주시면 좋겠습니다.

2NE1, one of the most fun groups ever to come out in K-Pop has released the English version of "Can't Nobody."  The song track itself was out before (I even own it) but now the video is out in HD. It's got a really stupid chorus, like the kind of English chorus you know every word to and can sing along with the first time you hear it because it's that predictable, but otherwise it's a good song and the visuals are the usual awesome 2NE1 visuals.

Brian Joo has released the MV for 사랑하다 끝났어.  With a title like that, of course it's a ballad, but his singing isn't bad. The story is apparently that he's sabotaged his own relationship but doesn't realize that till the end.

Eloise—if you want to hear Korean alt rock, here it is. The song is 진심을 너에게  and the group features actual playing of the instruments we're hearing! There's a woman guitarist, a singer who gets most of the video spotlight, a drummer and a bassist. It's not bad music, I'm just not a big alt rock person- I went through that phase and was done with it in the early 90s.

Kim Greem (Geu Rim) has released 너밖엔 없더라 a total ballad. I do appreciate that these days ballad singers tend to be better singers than the singers for "idol" groups but... I'm still not particularly impressed. Honestly I didn't even listen all the way through the track. I've heard enough people warbling "사랑해" to last my lifetime.


Raina, a group produced by Teddy Riley (producer for Michael Jackson) has released their first MV. It's an over-the-top sexual track called "Dr. Feel Good." They literally have sex with the camera in so many different ways it's almost like a sex manual. Or a trip to a strip club, without the bare tits. With lyrics like "I want to feel real good" as they run their hands over their pubic mound, I think it may be an ode to self-pleasure. (It amuses me to think that Dr. Feel Good is the name of their vibrator).


Kara, one of the worst and most untalented K-Pop idol groups has released the Japanese-language track "Jet Coaster Love." The link takes you to the close-up version of the MV, whatever. They really need to learn to either sing or dance, but preferably both. The close-up version at least shows that they're pretty (good surgeons).


4-Minute's new song is 거울아 거울아 or Mirror, Mirror.  The mirrors in the video provide the interesting visual elements. The song itself is good, not their best but a relief after forcing myself to listen to the Kara number. Actually there are parts of the song I like, it's the part with a background chorus of "yah" that drags the song down. The actual chorus where they chant Mirror, Mirror, is pretty catchy.


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