Friday, April 1, 2011

Choreography Rises from Bongsan Talchum

March 31st. 2011
Worked on the computer. Added a bunch of photos into past entries, feel free to scroll down to see them.

Kim Eunju teaches the relative newcomers 

Kim Eunju drumming

I had 봉산탈춤 Bongsan Talchum class and I didn't want to feel like 현석 Hyeonseok was starving through the whole class, so I picked him up a roll of kimbap on the way. Class was pretty ordinary except 박용철 Bak Yongcheol had brought two more people, apparently they were both there on Monday as well. But the two other of his people that I had already met were not there. We did 사상좌 the dance of the novice Buddhist monks for the first time in a million years. Before class started and after it ended Bak Yongcheol worked on choreographing his dance performance (it'll be on the 29th), he has the music and some ideas of how the choreography will be already. It appears that at least 병호 Byeongho and 정현 Jeonghyeon have committed to being part of the project. When class ended Hyeonseok had to use my phone to contact someone. 

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