Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Improving my Sangmo Whip

March 22nd, 2011
I woke up pretty early and went to meet 지수 Jisoo near her house. We drank two Americanos each while continuing to work on this translation project. 경진 Gyeongjin also helped me on the project, so great to have real friends.

Went home and looked through my Ministry publications until I had to run to 상모 sangmo class, arriving 7 minutes late. We took apart the whips on our sangmo and put them back together in a more flexible way.
1st: stripped off the brown threading

2nd: bent the whip to break it's spine, more or less, by pulling it across the head of a hammer

3rd: glued ribbon over the bottom 6 inches or so of the whip

4th: took thin white thread and wrapped it around the whip until about 8 inches from the end super super tight (we had to keep the thread tight enough to pluck it and get a string instrument sound as we wound).

5th: coated it with wax (paraffin)

6th: heated the wax and rubbed it in

And to make my sangmo even better(!!!!) 이종휘 Yi Jonghui also added a washer (more weight) to the beads on the whip mount harness.

It took more than two hours, and was just 현석 Hyeonseok, 진수 Jisu and I, but it was so worth it. I put it on at the end and it moved pretty well. The weight was different and I think it's not able to bend equally well in all directions and it definitely needs more wax but it was such a big improvement.

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