Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flying Visit to Andong

March 9th, 2011
I figured out that to meet 손영애 Son Yeong'ae, my friend from 하회별신굿탈놀이 Hahoi Byeolshin'gut Talnoli, I had to catch the 7:30 bus to 안동 Andong, but set my alarm for 6:55 and didn’t realize that wasn't too smart until halfway through breakfast (when it was 7:11). I ran down the street, caught a taxi who drove like a video-game and got the bus, then had a nice nap to the brand new Andong Bus Terminal (wow, such a difference, the old one was from the 60s, in use over 40 years!). Yeong'ae and I decided that I would go with her to 하회마울 Hahoi Village where they were performing Hahoi Byeolshin'gut Talnoli at 2pm. I interviewed her on the entire drive to the village, and then sat in her car to finish the interview. We ate lunch in the village and I wandered around while she changed clothes.

The performance was outside at the open air theatre they constructed about 6 years ago. The seating area is covered but not the stage, however with the wind and cold temperatures I happily positioned myself in the watery sunbeam but was still freezing by the time the show ended. 65 people attended by my count, though many were late and some left part-way through. They performed an abridged version, all the performers looking cold, too. First Yeong'ae came out, performing 각시 gakshi, followed by the butcher scene, old monk and young woman scene, 이매 Imae scene, yangban scene and finally grandmother scene. However each scene was significantly cut, and the show ended at 2:45. It appeared that they almost didn't have enough players there to run the show at all.

Cell phone photos of the performance space and the main education building for the art.

Yeong'ae drove me back to the terminal, where I got a coffee and talked to an English teacher with a proud Zulu name (which I could not pronounce). I taught her to read Korean, as well as I could in twenty minutes, since she just arrived two weeks ago. I took a bus to North Daegu Station.

At my 합기도 Hapkido studio I practiced and led class until just before 11, then sprinted to the subway to get back to Georgy and 진홍 Jinhong's house.

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