Thursday, December 11, 2014

Learn from my Students: Part II-- Videos on Food

My students have made these videos about Korean folklore (broadly speaking). Some of the videos are really inspired, most are good. I'm quite proud of their hard work.

I know that some of you like Korean food, so you should check out these videos, all deal with Korean food:

One student did a double whammy on kimchi. The first video just tells about kimchi, while the second one explains how to make winter kimchi for storing (gimjang).

Another student also did two videos on food-- one is about Korean sauces, or jang and the other is about the gamasot, the all-important Korean pot for traditional cooking.

Another did a video on omija tea-- some photos of my own batch that I made this fall are in the video.

Two videos highlight food eaten at holidays-- the rarely observed winter solstice was the time to eat red bean porridge, whereas the still super important lunar new year was when people ate deokguk.


Anonymous said...

These are delightful. Of course my favorites are the kimchi ones, since I am obsessed with making kimchi (I even have my own kimchi refrigerator). And I think I might try growing some omija berries - just for fun. I left comments on all the Youtube sites. Thank you for sharing this excellent project.

CedarBough said...

Judith, thank you so much for taking the time to leave those comments for my students. The students are still in sort of shock about how wide the reach of their class assignments can be. Did you see the nice essays on the website? One you might enjoy is this one: