Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Exciting Weekend /sarcasm

Because I'm impossibly overloaded at the moment I seem to be gravitating to the idea of doing things that do not help eliminate the items on my list. Like writing down everything I have to do.

This is the list:

  • Edit Chapter 3 (the re-translated chapter) in the book I'm editing
  • Write a thematic introduction to the special journal issue on Curating Korean Culture (four papers, one is mine) (to be released by Acta Koreana in DAYS so I better get it together)
  • Review the editor's proof of my article for the journal
  • Translate Jonghui's MA thesis abstract (didn't ask until he sent it at the last minute)
  • Translate Changyeol's MA thesis abstract (asked in advance, sent in advance)
  • Prepare for Korean Media Class 
  • Provide feedback and scores for Media homework #9
  • Prepare for Korean Folklore Class
  • Grade the Korean Folklore class videos
  • Prepare for 90 minutes of Korean Studies II Class (the rest will be student presentations)
  • Prepare for Korean Culture and Society Class
  • Prepare a one hour lecture for a group of journalists from ASEAN nations (if only the lecture was later in the week, I could maybe practice it in the Culture and Society class, my introductory class for non-majors)
  • Continue chipping away at writing my holiday cards
  • Attend a concert/artist's talk on Sunday that may be useful for my research

and a few other things that are less urgent, longer term, or more private
A photo by my friend Song Cheotnunsongi of me presenting at a conference

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M. Monroe said...

You can do it! Fighting!