Sunday, November 23, 2014

Learn from my students

In my Korean Folklore class I wanted the students work to be for something more than a grade-- so they made videos and the videos and their sources have been uploaded to a common webpage and the videos are on YouTube as well. Most of the videos are really well thought out-- the students did tons of work and I'm really proud of their work.

Today I want to highlight the work of one student, Haejin. Haejin is sometimes shy, and definitely quirky, but she has excelled in this class. I am so proud of her work, I could do a happy dance about it. She went to volunteer at the National Folk Festival and did the basic research for a final paper to be submitted in another class and simultaneously worked on these two videos. The fact that she included actual live interviews with performers is the part that makes these videos absolutely stand out.

Here are the links to her two pages (I want you to go visit those pages, instead of viewing the videos here, that's why I'm only supplying links).

Gangneung Gwanno Gamyeon'geuk
Pyeongyang Sword Dance

Next time I'll tell you about other videos.


Judith said...

These were wonderful. My favorite (because I followed some other links) was the one on Beopgo by Shin Yeseon, because we see these druns in so many videos. I love learning how things are made! Thank you for teaching these students so well, and thanks to them for these excellent pieces.

CedarBough said...

Thank you Judith! I'm trying. Sometimes my lessons work better than others.^^ At the end of the semester they had to write a reflexive essay, and I am adding some of them into the blog posts with the videos. Some are really profound (and if I added them in, they all have good points to make, if not 100% good points or good grammar).