Monday, January 20, 2014

"Facebook Posts" from my Trip, Part III

Spent the whole day painting. Exhausted. #homeimprovement

Paint Ninja! 
Made a tile hearth for under the stove. So nice to have a husband with useful skills. Retreated to Zhyibuk's house for dinner because we couldn't reseat the stove yet. #homeimprovement
Prayer flags on the hill above the house

Spreading the concrete for the hearth

Years of dental nightmares have taught me self-diagnosis. Desperately in need of an emergency root canal, and the closest dentists I sort of trust are in Korea. The pain is all the way into my cheekbone. Inadvertent meeting of the wrong tooth with anything has me screaming like a banshee. #cannotchew #holyFballs #misery
  *this dental pain resided over the next few days. back in Korea now, I must find a dentist.
Note the completed hearth!

Carpet to keep the cold of the concrete farther from one's feet

Getting closer to done!

It dusted snow last night, as soon as the sun came out we went to the top of the hill above town with my cameras. Gorgeous. Flakes of falling show, sun glinting, prayer flags straining in the wind. Then tea at Gongwher's winter house. #prayerflags #beautifulTibet #family

Karjam with Gongwher's middle daughter

Done preparing Ama Dunmajhet's room--even the bed is set up! Sharing tea by the fire with Karjam in a very changed room. #homeimprovement

At Zhyibuk's house Rinchin Dunma (his granddaughter, Dorsey's daughter) was playing. Her game was to make a makeshift hand-held prayer wheel by sticking a chopstick in an empty Red Bull can and rotating the can while chanting. #Buddhismeverywhere

Ama Dunmajhet said "it feels like I have a new house." She's very pleased. She also said that the changes made it feel so that she wasn't constantly expecting to see Apa Lorae sitting in his normal spot, because the spot had changed so much. She was relieved about that.

Tubla and Ahyangtso came to spend the night and arrived before dinner. Tubla is mostly vegetarian, so she shared my food. #vegetariantibetan #wondersnevercease #goTubla

Today is exceptionally cold. Ama Dunmajhet decided to wear her warmest outfit to go to the temple-- a sheepskin (wool on the inside) coat with decorative trim. Then she worried to Karjam "will people think I'm not properly mourning?" She ended up dressing less warmly. #sameeverywhere #warmiswarm
This is a before sunrise photo I took of Tubla and Ahyangtso doing circuits of this temple building. This a long exposure, the people circling the temple appear as black blurs. 
Just after sunrise
Gongwher came to visit. Such a hottie! He has kind eyes and listens to Ama Dunmajhet who loves to talk (just like Karjam) with words of encouragement and not much else. #Tibetanmen

Ama Dunmajhet comfortable by her stove

In the evening when I drove back to pick up Tubla and Ahyangtso

Ahyangtso doing prostrations-- very determined

Tubla and Ahyangtso

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