Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Facebook Posts" from my Trip-- Part II

A culture that includes eating tsampa, unsurprisingly includes tsampa sculpture. The texture of cookie dough, the monks make it into ritual offerings. The kids shape the leftovers into animals or recruit adults to do it for them.
Damdentso's youngest son.
This little boy is Tsebae's youngest

I've been beset by peri-menopause for around a year, the most obvious sign is that I am constantly sweating-- even pouring sweat from my underarms (and only there), even when I'm shivering (despite the fact that I used to rarely sweat at all). This has prompted a fondness for vests. My sweats, however, have been conquered by the Tibetan winter. I am reasonably sure I haven't sweated at all since Hezou. #coldweatherbenefits #iamfreezing #earlymenopause #TMI

We don't have running water or a toilet or even an outhouse, so when you go pee in the morning you go out and make your way carefully through the sheep not to disturb any who are weak and need their sleep (like the bitsy baby lambs). If you need to poo you have to walk until you are hidden by a rise of land if you squat down. From Tubko's house that is about 7-8 minutes of slow, high altitude walking. Those with motorcycles just zoom off into the landscape and relieve themselves, then zoom back. #TMI

Laundry day at Zhyibuk's (1st brother). Took half the day and I went home with wet clothes that in my opinion still needed a rinse. Water is precious when you haul it. Hands are chapped from too many hours on the washboard in cold water. #pioneerlife #cleanerthanbefore
K with Sister #2, Hlabae

I drove over 110 kilometers in pitch black darkness on an unlined, unmarked, unsigned road with hairpin turns and dramatic drop-offs to Maqu today, my first time driving Tubko's new truck. We took Tubko and Rinchin to the bus stop and came home with everything we need to fix up one room in Ama Dunmajhet's house. We also went to the public shower stalls in Maqu. Luxury! And we had lunch with Karjam's best friend Tsemphel's family and Karjam's daughter.
Karjam and I were astounded at all the forgotten necklaces at the public shower stalls. Periodically they clear them away, but they keep hoping the owners will come back, first.

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