Friday, November 1, 2013

Settling In...

This is not an exciting blog post. This is for my family, really.

Lots of great veggies are in season right now. The street market (every five days) has had shitake mushrooms lately-- a big bag for about 5 dollars. Yay!

Everything is getting more and more homey. Here's the living room as viewed from the kitchen (which is the other end of the room of course)

There is a bed (can't remove it) and a desk in both of the bedrooms. This is technically the spare bedroom and my desk. Karjam gets the desk in the room we will usually sleep in (because I often stay up later). I put mom's quilt here because this bed is likely to stay made and pretty, and I'm in and out of this room. 

The bigger bedroom has a walk in closet. It's small, but I can hide the mess in it. Yay! I decided to liven up the walls with hanging a sarong. 

This room also has the balcony. As you can see my bike is there. I'll bring it inside after Karjam leaves. I also have a pretty big rosemary in a pot out there.  The branches are at least 2.5 feet tall, so it's got plenty to lend me for cooking and still grow well. 

Perhaps most exciting to me I got all the books I shipped here into my office and onto the shelves. As of this photo there was still a lot of needed organization, but... can't have everything! 

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