Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Seattle Central Library

My friend Rebecca and her husband Michael decided to go away for a sweet little vacation and their regular cat/housesitter wasn't available. Yay for me that the timing almost perfectly matches Karjam's days off here at the end of the year. Although we'll miss dad and Irene's New Year's Eve party on Lopez, I'm just so happy to get out of our usual routine!

Rebecca and Michael's cats, Bandit and Cleo, are indoor but social and semi-social housecats. They appreciate a good pat and are used to being talked to-- and they're totally gorgeous examples of regal cat-hood. We arrived on the evening of the 27th to get oriented before Rebecca and Michael left, although when we arrived I wasn't feeling well and K had to get most of the instructions by himself.

For our budget Seattle experience on the first day (the 28th) we headed to the Seattle Central Library. All photos below are from the Push Button Dummy Camera, I don't even have the cord for my good camera with me.
Waiting for the Bus
The library is an architectural landmark and prize of the city, plus, of course, full of great book collections. Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus were the architects. Karjam doesn't care much about the names of architects, but he loves taking photos of and checking out cool buildings. We started at the tenth floor (where the best views are) and proceeded down through each floor to the street level. It was really impressive- lots of good spots for reading, desks to sit and compute at, all very inviting. Plus cool views, a feeling of space, and the fun floor where everything is painted red/hot pink.



My Favorite Sci-Fi Author

Outside while I was framing an ultra-wide shot on my good camera I got a sudden surprise. Amanda Hardeman, a good friend from my undergraduate at COA and former roommate back when I lived in Seattle in the early 90s, approached us. She looked exactly the same, although she pointed out some lines, they only accentuated how much time she spends laughing and smiling. I figure I was meant to see her, running into her on the street like that!

Cool Tree

K and I walked to the International District (lots more photos and building ogling on the way). We went to Uwajimaya where I ate lunch, then we looked elsewhere for a restaurant for Karjam that would have real Chinese style beef-noodle soup. But (and I told him this could happen) he got a bowl of noodle soup so disappointing that when we returned to Uwajimaya he had an entire other meal, there. We bought several items to prepare while we're in Seattle, and plan to go back with the truck on our way out of town to really stock up.

Back at the house we relaxed and did some computer work before I made a dinner that K was much in favor of-- perhaps principally because I had brought his favorite condiment from home.

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