Monday, December 24, 2012

A Visit to the Post Office

A Visit to the Post Office

I went to the post office today. It wasn't that exciting-- I think the post office on Lopez is most exciting when there is a line and you can chat with everyone (of course that's when a PO off-island is least exciting). There are people I swear I only see at the post office. And yes, we do sometimes have a line, but that's because the workers are also chatting... because we like them. At the post office I got another international stamp to send off a card to Zhijian and mailed CDs to CDBaby to replenish their stock of Karjam's newer CD (why do they ask for more when they're out, why not ask when they have only one left?).

But the cool thing about the post office today is that it's displaying my mom's art right now. My mom has many creative and artistic outlets, but the one she's most passionate about these days is quilting. She makes mind-blowingly amazing quilts. And quilted wall hangings. And table runners. And place mats. And ... you get the idea. Everyone covets my mom's actual bed quilts as being about the best thing ever. When I went off to college I took my quilt (this quilt is now lovingly semi-retired). I remember once, in the middle of the night a guest of mine entered the kitchen where I was chatting with my roommate wrapped in my quilt. I almost lost my marbles. A quilt made by my mother was -way- to good to be dragging down the hall wrapped around the likes of him (yes, I am now embarrassed at how callously I treated the poor dear, but he could have pulled on his own clothes).

Anyway, I've been trying to get her onto Etsy, because she has a pretty astounding output and deserves a larger audience than she gets by selling them at Lo-Co (a gallery here) and the Farmer's Market (in the summer). What do you think? Pretty cool?

 Unfortunately this is NOT currently my bedroom. Don't you love the combination of the wall hanging and the quilt? A couple more detailed photos of the quilt, just for fun... (or because I'm showing off).

Although these are only snapshots, here's the post office: 

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