Monday, February 21, 2011

Angelique Kidjo is Coming

I've seen Angelique Kidjo perform live, she's amazing. You should trust me and go to her show. It's at the LG Arts Center, tickets are 30-70,000 won, March 13th, 6 pm. Call o2 2005 0114 to get your tickets (you can use your credit/debit card).

I saw Angelique perform this song years ago and have never forgotten how she electrified the audience.
This song, too.
This isn't so much a video as a top quality slide show backed by Angelique's music, but it's songs like this that make me love her.
Angelique with John Legend and Bono "Move on Up"
Singing "In my Name" with
Here she is performing at the kick-off for World Cup Africa.

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