Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sangmo and Sogo

November 16th, 2010
I stayed home working on video stuff most of the day, then went to 상모 sangmo class. I was really worried that as soon as I’d go outside I’d feel horrible like I did yesterday, but I felt fine (I was –super- bundled up though) and even had a great sangmo practice. We worked on steps, and to make it more “real” the five people who were doing drumming practice in the other major room at the 임실필봉농악서울전수관 Imshil Pilbong Nongak Seoul Training Center came to our room and played music while we had to spin and move forward, back and in circles while playing 소고 sogo. I admit I’ve been intentionally not taking my sogo to practice, as twirling my sangmo is still hard enough I just didn’t want to add the complexity of also manipulating the sogo and beating it at the appropriate time. However 이종휘 Yi Jonghui directed me to grab a sogo from the corner (some sort of dead sogo that I think have been abandoned in the training center) and I actually started to feel comfortable enough by the end of practice that I will definitely take mine with me next time. Both Yi Jonghui and the assistant 변태원 Byeon Taewon were there, but with my hearing still compromised on the left side (and my spot in the room is near the right wall so everyone is to my left), I kept being a few beats behind on directions and then Byeon Taewon decided I needed special help. I didn’t want to mention my ear as I feel so embarrassed that every single week my health is somehow compromised. I don’t want to be the weak old lady, I just want to keep up and get better!

The video I spent over five hours making is this one; it uses clips from more than 15 performances of 13 different mask dance groups!

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