Friday, November 12, 2010

Beating the Ear Infection (a post only my mom will want to read)

November 12th, 2010 – Second Day of the G20 Meeting in Seoul
I went to Korean History class in the morning. It was as it generally is. Afterwards I went to Yonsei to meet a student who wanted to interview me. I was early, so since my hearing in my left ear was now at least 75% less than normal I went back to Severance and made an appointment for 2:30. I had coffee with the student, then finally got them to take me seriously enough to send me to an ear specialist (which involved walking through a maze). This doctor took my worries over blockage very seriously. I swear he used a vacuum in my ear, I even heard large gunky pieces get momentarily stuck in the hose. After a few moments my hearing was back, but it took about 15 minutes all told to vacuum completely, flush with water, then swab the inside of my ear with some “medicine.” He actually said the eardrops I already got are good to keep using (there is still an infection) but told me fewer drops and much less time in my ear.

Karjam had the first of two days of final Korean exams. He thought the listening was hard but the rest was okay.

Cell Photo: Professor 박현순 Bak Hyeonsun and Euis (from Indonesia)

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