Monday, February 4, 2013

Lopez Island Library

There are many things about Lopez Island that are top notch. The library is definitely on this list (along with the food served in the school cafeteria; Vortex for juice, wraps, salads, and soups; our sense of community; outdoor beauty and of course the presence of my family). In fact the library and I have always been close. Back when my mom didn't work except on our farm she volunteered at the library, then when I was in high school she was hired as an assistant librarian. And she taught me to adore books-- we checked out teetering stacks of books (and I was required to treat them with great care, ironic considering that I now prefer to buy books so I can underline and comment all over them).

Lopez library has musical instruments, DVDs, books on tape, computers, a reading room, a meeting room, wi-fi, inter-library loan services, children's book readings, hosts community events, and displays rotating exhibits of art by locals. And there are a lot of books. And cool librarians. I'd be there regularly except it's 10 miles away and I just don't like to make such a large carbon footprint. 

Reading Room:

Stacks of books:

Young Adult Books

DVD Area 

Children's Area

Central Reading Area with Fireplace

 Looking from fiction stacks past new books display to DVDs on the left and young adult books on the right. Non fiction is along the wall on left and behind the DVDs, the far wall has the magazines. The circulation is among the highest in the state (per capita) year after year, and a money-raising book sale in the summer makes room for new titles.

Computers for public use (there are about six total)

Circulation desk with some instruments for circulation (and a kind volunteer)

 Reference Section opposite circulation

Art at the Library

Meeting Room (it has a projector, a coffee maker, and can be accessed from outside with prior reservation so meetings can happen even when the library is closed.)

 And the library is beautiful from the outside, too!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great photos and kind words about our library. It is indeed a great place. There are 9 internet computers for adults and two more in the YA section. And I was library assistant, not assistant librarian. Mom.