Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bongsan Talchum Milestone

July 23rd, 2011
I had a relaxing day—the big action was to meet Tommy (a UCLA grad friend) for coffee as he was visiting Seoul. Otherwise I worked on my computer all day.

July 24th, 2011
I didn't do much on Sunday except work on the computer, but I went to 정회정 Jung Hoijung's favorite coffee shop near her house and we worked there.

July 25th, 2011
At Dankook University today we had a good class. I decided to just lecture (no PPT) based off a section of the background (discussing heritage protection systems) of my dissertation- then students led a short discussion of the articles and we practiced 봉산탈춤 Bongsan Talchum. I went straight from class to 선릉 Seolleung where I met Jisoo. We had dinner and she walked me to the training center where I had Bongsan Talchum class. Today class was awesome AGAIN. I will miss practicing Bongsan Talchum more than almost anything when I get back to LA. First it was awesome because again we had a large number of people- 18- including two brand new people. We did the 8 dark-faced monks as solo dances, and I did the 3rd monk as usual and I made NO MISTAKES in my dance or in the monologue, a day I have been waiting and waiting for. Yes! I felt like I had vanquished a personal mountain, but many of the long term friends in the class knew how I felt about it and were happy for me. We have a college student in class and his mom is also attending (she's really sweet) and she invited us ALL out after class. We went to a restaurant and everyone (except me) had beer and various meaty dishes. The energy amongst everyone was just terrific. 

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